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What is the difference between PRE and Stage1?

Which Stage Combiotik milk should I feed my 6th month baby?

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HiPP formula seems a bit more difficult to dissolve than other brands, often have a hard time with the formula clumping up and not dissolving completely... Is there any reason?


The package of my item got damaged when I received it. Can I claim the refund?

Why is the package design from this store different from other stores?

I can not level the formula off well with using the scoop leveler inside the formula box...


Please teach me how to order the item.

I ordered a wrong one. Can I change or cancel it?


I got the coupon code, but forgot the code. How can I know it again?

I input my coupon code into the checkout page, but it didn't work. Why?


14 days have already passed since I ordered. Is there any possibility that something happened to my order during shipping?

My item was charged taxes when I received it....