Watch every move and poop of your baby!


New parents would be happy to pay attention to each movement and facial expression in your baby.

At the same time, however, there is one more important thing in your baby that you must to pay attention to.

It is poop.

Poop is said to be a barometer of baby's health.

【Does your little one poo properly?】

If your baby poo regularly, it means s/he is ingesting nutrients and digesting foods properly.

Generally, babies who are new born to 4 months poo three to four times a day on average.

And once babies start to take baby foods, they will poo once a day.

 If your baby got frown with a bloated stomach and had no appetite, her/his gut flora might not work well. Probably s/he is constipated.

Both mixed-fed babies and bottle-fed babies tend to get constipated more than breast-fed babies. But breast-fed babies have, nevertheless, a possibility to have constipation, so always try to watch every move your baby makes.

 【How to relieve constipation】

If your baby got constipated with breast-feeding, we have recommended you to change what you eat.

If your baby got constipated with bottle-feeding, we have recommended you to switch the formula.( HiPP can help your baby! ⇒ Get to know how it works)

Once your baby start to have baby foods, solid foods, you can help your baby with constipation relief by choosing ABC foods, Apples, Bananas, and Cereals.

Actually solid foods can cause constipation, on the other hand, they will help relieve it too. The simple answer is that more you take vegetables and fruits, more your gut flora gets active

【You don't need to post your baby's poop on Instagram, but...】

I know you all want to take a lot of pictures of your baby including her/his tearful face so that you can post and share them with your friends.

But don't be lazy to watch her/his poop too! 

And if you found anything unusual in it, take the picture of it too so that you can show and get opinions from your doctors anytime.

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