Why is the European formula best?

Many mothers must be worried about foods for your babies.

When it comes to organic baby formulas, most of you have an interest in European made ones and U.S. made ones, and might be wondering which ones are safer and healthier.

European baby formula is controlled by the food safety standards stricter than Japan and the U.S. indeed. Some ingredients which are allowed to contain inside formulas in Japan and the U.S. are banned in Europe. In addition, there are strict regulations regarding additives and so on, so it would assure you about preventing your babies from allergies too.
In the United States there is also a regulation for baby formulas, and they are produced based on this regulation. However, it is also true that the U.S. still has problems with Bovine Growth Hormone,GMO's, and agricultural chemicals, so it would be better to choose an organic certified product.
And the HiPP organic seal means that the products passed the much stricter organic tests than the European one.
The seal also shows HiPP knows well the responsibility as a organic baby foods supplier and has a confidence to provide babies all over the world with the safest formulas.

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