Why do babies get constipated ?

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Many mothers are worrying about constipation in their babies indeed. However it is not easy for them to deal with this problem because what babies can eat are severely limited especially for new born ones.

【Breast Milk is the Best Meal】

Mixed feeding and bottle feeding may cause constipation in babies. It means some of ingredients in the baby formula may make your little one constipated. 

On the other hand, breast fed babies rarely suffer from constipation because the well-balanced breast milk.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also recommends breastfeeding for babies. Breastfeeding helps prevent infections, allergies etc.   

 【HiPP can help your little one】

HiPP formulas are designed to manage digestive environment in babies.

We actually received some reviews from parents that HiPP combiotik relieved indigestion and constipation in their babies.

" My baby has been in trouble with being bloated with gas and poo. After switching to HiPP Combiotik, it helped him immediately!"

" Her poo' s color became light yellow and her diarrhea was also relieved." 


 【What can HiPP BIO Combiotik help babies with improving their gut flora?】

HiPP BIO Combiotik contain both Prebiotic fibers and Probiotic fibers.

Breast milk also contain both fibers that help maintain and improve baby's gut flora, it means they are necessary for the healthy digestion. 

 As another choice, HiPP HA Combiotik hydrolyzed its protein so that babies are easy to digest. This can be also one of better choices for babies to solve their digestion problems,

【Get to know HiPP HA Combiotik】

【Get to know HiPP BIO Combiotik】


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