Why is Organic Formula Safe ?

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Honestly, both organic and non-organic formulas contain the nutrients, like Vitamins, Oligosaccharides, Lactoferrin, DHA etc., necessary for the growth of the baby, and should be also safe because each formula has passed its own strict inspection before shipping out of the factory.

【The biggest difference between organic one and non-organic one】

If so, some of you would say that "why do people around me tend to look for the organic formula instead of non-organic one?".  

Regarding organic formula, the point that is greatly different from non-organic formula is that the sources of raw materials are also safe. 

In other words, with regard to milk as the main component of formulas, the meal for the cows, including grass, water and fertilizer are also organic (it means safe). That means that the soil where grass is growing is also organic (it means safe), and the forest next to the farm and the neighborhood 's farm are also organic (it means safe).

How do you know that the neighborhood's farm is also organic ?

That is because If your neighbor's farm was non-organic and they were spraying pesticides, it would affect your own farm too by the wind even if you insist you have never used it yourself.

Thus if it is a non-organic formula in your hand, you can never know what the cow was eating before milking. You can not track any information like who took care of ingredients that make up the formula, how and where they were cultivated etc. 

【There is no perfect formula】

However, organic formula is not the best for all babies. Since each baby's preference and physical condition will be different, it is most important to decide the one which is suitable for each baby by discussing with your doctor or your family.

In the end, if you get interests in organic formulas, I recommend you to take a look at HiPP formulas first!

【Get to know HiPP Formulas】

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