Why HiPP?

【About HiPP】

HiPP GmbH, established in 1898, has been the leading baby food brand in Germany 

HiPP is also the leading organic baby food brand* in the world with more than 60 years of history since they started to research on organic baby food.

*Euromonitor International 2017 

【8000 HiPP dedicated farms
Organic ingredients contained in HiPP products are chosen from 8000 HiPP dedicated farms.

HiPP's motto is "The best of nature. The best for nature".

【HiPP organic milk is strictly controlled

HiPP only uses milk from farms that work strictly according to the guidelines of organic agriculture. 

The cows are kept in appropriate conditions for their species and graze on natural pastures. These pastures are cultivated with no mineral fertilisers, chemical or synthetic sprays.

The natural animal feed of grass, hay or grain guarantees the best organic quality, which eventually becomes our nutritious, healthy milk. This is what makes the organic milk for HiPP Milk Formulae so full of goodness.

【The HiPP laboratory - European Leader

With its modern technical equipment to detect residues, the HiPP laboratory is the European leader. They are able to filter about 1200 potential residues

The level of sensitivity is amazing: They can detect a single grain of salt in a 25 metre swimming pool.


【The advantage of HiPP Organic Seal】

HiPP only uses organic raw materials, cultivated according to the EC Organic Farming Regulation. Moreover, all products go through additional, very strict checks because they know that the EU organic food logo alone is not enough to guarantee that a product is free from harmful substances.

The HiPP Organic Seal goes further than the general requirements of legal regulations for organic products.

Our ultimate goal is to process raw materials only if they are completely free from any harmful substances. 

Then the product is worthy of carrying the HiPP Organic Seal.