How to make a milk bottle




Optimal preparation

  • The hands, the measuring spoon and all parts of the bottle must be absolutely clean and dry.
  • For the nutrient supply and the digestibility of the food, it is important that the given amounts of powder and water are respected.
  • Always prepare the formula from scratch before every meal and feed immediately.
  • Always boil water for the bottle.
  • Close the opened pack properly after every use, and store in a dry place at room temperature
  • Use up within 3 weeks.

Pleasant enjoyment

  • To prevent the natural lactic acid cultures from being harmed, please do not prepare formula with too hot water.
  • The drinking amount per feeding bottle may vary from baby to baby. The recommended drinking amounts and the number of bottles per day are guideline values. Your baby does not necessarily have to empty the feeding bottle completely.
  • Do not re-use leftovers.
  • Talk to your doctor about how best to look after your baby.

How to make a baby bottle (HiPP 1 BIO Combiotik) 】

1. Boil fresh drinking-water and leave it for 30 minutes to cool down to about 40-50 degree.

2. Pour 2/3 of the prepared water into the feeding bottle

3. Fill the measuring spoon loosely and level it by using the wiper lip. And put the recommended amount of powder into the feeding bottle.

4. Close the bottle and shake

5. Add remaining water and again shake several times.

6. Cool down to drinking temperature (about 37 degree). Check temperature with the part inside your wrist.

【Drinking amount and dosing】

Age Bottle feeds per day Boiled water Measuring spoon
1st to 2nd week 5-7 60ml 2
3rd to 4th week 5-7 90ml 3
5th to 6th week 5-7 120ml 4
7th to 8th week 5-6 150ml 5
3rd to 4th month 5 180ml 6
From the 5th month 5 210ml 7